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Barcode Scanner App - What Are The Problems?

The software Barcode Scanner App is an Android application, from the open source project ZXing, which enables an Android device having digital camera to scan 2-D flat barcodes and then retrieve the data contained within. Currently, there are many different versions of this tool available on the Google Play Store. However, users report that it can be hard to use due to the limited number of functions. Moreover, they also say that it may not be able to recognize all kinds of barcodes. In other words, the application has its limits, but they've found ways to overcome those.

One of the things that users liked about the first version of this best barcode scanner app for android was its capability to recognize barcode scanners for major grocery stores. The problem is that there were only a few grocery stores in the United States using barcode scanning technology, and consequently, not many stores could be accessed through the program. Now, according to reports, the program is able to read barcode scanners for Whole Foods Markets and Ace Hardware. For other manufacturers and retailers though, this functionality still does not exist. This is why Google made an update to the original program to enable barcode scanning for additional types of stores.

The second major issue that users complained about the first version of the Britecheck Barcode Scanner App was its inability to recognize grocery lists. Users input their list of items to be scanned into the program, and then wait for the result. If the scan finds that the list is invalid, the software alerts the user to this fact, by displaying an error message. This can be annoying, especially if you are in the habit of manually entering your grocery list every time you go shopping. Fortunately though, this issue is resolved by this latest update to the Barcode Scanner App, which indicates that all grocery lists are now able to be scanned by the software.

One of the reasons why this particular application has become so popular over the years is because it is a cost effective way for companies to collect data on their customers. As previously stated, the original Barcode Scanner App was quite expensive to purchase, and required the user to have an expensive scanning machine in order to run the application. This meant that most organizations had to invest in their own devices, or rent them on a monthly basis. As a result, the price of the Barcode Scanner App was quite high and meant that only large organizations with a lot of buying power were able to afford it. Thankfully, this problem is no longer an issue, as more retail stores are now able to use the Barcode Scanner App to automatically scan barcodes on items that are brought into their stores.

The third most common problem that users have experienced with the original Barcode Scanner App was that it only scanned square or rectangular areas of products. Since many people do not have a lot of spare space available on their smart phones for scanning items, this meant that the program would often fail to scan products that could fit into the allotted area. Fortunately, this issue is no longer an issue. Nowadays, you can use the Barcode Scanner App to scan any type of product information, no matter how big or small it is. The software has been enhanced to ensure that it can be able to detect items even when they are placed in corners, on top of other items, or even when they are arranged in rows.

The fourth problem that users had with the Barcode Scanner App was that it relied exclusively on manual scanning. Although it was possible to increase the number of items that could be scanned during a certain scanning session, manually adding each one would take a long time. Therefore, most businesses did not opt to use the program for the purposes of automatically capturing signatures. The great news is that the company that developed the Barcode Scanner App has designed the application so that it can automatically scan and collect data using the Bluetooth connection. Read more about barcodes at

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